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Highly recommend 💯

Enjoyed using this product. Amazing end result ☺️

It's an amazing mask. It left my skin really refreshed and the glow lasts for days. Best results when used at night 😊. I highly recommend it.

Smells great and works exactly as promised

Easy to use, soothing and intensely hydrating. Would definitely recommend

Really moisturizing and the glow that comes with it is everything 😍😍 Highly recommend ✨✨

Deep Detox Black Mask

I loved the mask


It’s a good cleanser that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Moisturize all the way!!

I don’t need to use much for one application, I’ll probably stay with this for a while 😌

AC Dew Foam

loving the minty scent

Here to say I still love it.

After more than half an year I still love it!! And its not over yet so it was definitely worth the investment (I just use it for my face and neck.)
Please restock 😭❤️

Definitely worth the cash.

I’m a micer with my money so I like to know my investments are worth it. This is definitely one of those.
It’s great for my skin and best part I’ve been using my cleansers for two months and I’m sure I’ll get two more months in before buying any more.

Never thought exfoliating should be enjoyed. You changed my mind.

I especially love how the small particles make sure that I’m not ‘scrubbing’ my skin too hard.
And my skin feels like magic after


It’s really hydrating and feels good on the skin

very moisturizing

Blue berry was my favorite

Collagen peptide moisturizer

Such a great product. So smooth and light and my skin feels instantly dewy, refreshed and moisturized

Firming Deep Mask

Subtle Glow

This mask has enough serum enabling it to lay smoothly on the face and hydrating it beautifully. Love it.

It’s a really good mask, has helped in fading away my scars and retain its moisture. I would 100%recommend it.

Hi Amino All Cleanser
Hi Amino Cleanser

Loving it, just a tiny amount and it foams... Will definitely purchase another once it's over.

Premium Syn-ake Black Mask

Hi Amino All Cleanser
Amino clenser

I purchased this cleanser and I must say I soooooo love it feels so good on the skin and leaves the skin sooo smooth!!!.

Don't hate, exfoliate.

I am so glad that you guys finally added an exfoliant to your range of products. I love the pump vottle and the fact that it is fragrance free. The formula is way better than your typical scrubs. I see myself running out sooner coz it's also ideal to use on the bidy too. I'm adding this to my favourites too.

Hawaiian Deep Sea Mineral Toner
Hawaiian mineral toner

It actually leaves my skin cleaner and removes makeup and dirt if it was a makeup day for me

Honey Moist Black Mask

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