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Natural K-beauty skincare brand GEORGANIC offers some of the mildest & most exotic ingredients in the world which will thoroughly nourish your skin.  Focused on skin barrier restoration & protection, the GEORGANIC line of products works throughout the day to protect your skin:  To keep all things harmful out, and to keep -- or add -- the necessary water, minerals and more which our skin so desperately needs.  Especially in rough, cold or uncertain environments.

ECOCERT-approved. 100% Natural & Gentle. FREE OF 20 Toxic Additives.

Skin-Irritation Tested. georganic is quietly full of intrigue.

From red yeast rice fermented 360 hours as the main ingredient in a powerful set of cleansers highly-effective at getting pollutants out of skin (pictured), to the minimal, yet highly-effective Acne Propolis Care serum which contains prize K-beauty ingredient Centella Asiatica, your skin is well-protected when you use natural & gentle K-beauty brand GEORGANIC.

Here at FLETNA, we believe your glowing, healthy skin can peacefully coexist with the environment.

Whether the blazing heat or a piercing cold, keep your skin barrier protected well with GEORGANIC.

Limited edition now available exclusively from FLETNA.

Glow on and treat yourself, or that special someone.

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